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Company Introduction

We light the world with technology innovation and design sensibility

Capture the light, - the value created by light, the value created by light, will open the door to guide you.
Efforts by begin for making beautiful skins and a better world.


VITSRO has launched the, which is a LED healthcare brand, based on our technical expertise specialized in LED technologies in order to strengthen corporate competitiveness and explore new markets. VITSRO has accumulated incomparable technical skill sets along with its products through conducting the research continuously not only on a simple role in the lighting domains but also on light wavelength. In addition, we established reliability through perfect management of the entire manufacturing process and secured safety by conducting the product safety tests thoroughly. Once again,, the value created by light, we promise to open the door to guide you.
Efforts by begin for making beautiful skins and a better world., the LED Beauty Brand, delivers customized functions, sustainability, and minimal luxurious values to you. You are advised to prepare for the skins of the future by just adding strong light energy to the elasticity of skins.,
Personal Light,
Cure Care
Technology LED masks, which are for safe and effective skincare, allow you to experience a perfect home aesthetic with the functions and tastes tailored to each individual in their own space. You can complete shiny skins with a strong foundation through strengthened skin immunity by correcting the collapsed skin balance with the Cure Care Technology of only that revives the solid skin elasticity and tones by waking up the inherent strength of the skins.
We will show you how to create the safe and healthy changes using true light.



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주소 : OO도 OO시 OO구 OO동 123-45
사업자 등록번호 : 123-45-67890
전화 : 02-123-4567 팩스 : 02-123-4568
통신판매업신고번호 : 제 OO구 - 123호
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